May 2016 Newsletter

Welcome to the May edition of the Town Team and BID newsletter. Please read on to find out about what we've been up to over the last few months, and to learn about our plans for the forthcoming year. Fuller details of the year's activities will be published in June in our Annual Report, which will be circulated in both printed and digital formats.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) - Tuesday 7th June 2015 at The Steam Crane
We are inviting all local businesses to our third AGM, to be held at The Steam Crane (4-6 North Street) on 7th June at 6pm.
Key items on the agenda are: to elect new directors, review Year 3 of the BID and commence discussions for Year 4. We are now seeking nominations for new directors - please email your suggestions to George Grace ( by Sunday 29th May 2016.
We are an informal, friendly group, whose basic duties are to direct spending for the BID and Town Team. We invariably hold our meetings at 6pm on the first Tuesday of each month, and are looking for directors who can commit to a minimum of seven meetings per year.
Please do get in touch if you'd like to get involved.

We have had a fantastic few months in Bedminster, with the following events either organised or supported by the Town Team:

In February, Window Wanderland was introduced to the area, to light up our retail and residential streets with wonderful window displays during the dark winter nights. 

March saw the return of 'On The Run' - with 30 comics, musicians, poets and magicians performing across 14 venues in Bedminster, in a battle to win a £250 cash prize. 

In early May, we launched 'Breakfast in Bedminster', as part of Bristol's Food Connections. This was a fantastic event, with numerous cafes and restaurants taking part, as well as Michelin Chef Josh Eggleton serving breakfast in bed at Kustom Floors and Furniture!

For more details and photos of these events, check out our Facebook photo streamTwitter account or the local press. 

Forthcoming events (please put these in your calendars!):

  • North Street Summer Fair (25th June)
  • Upfest (23rd - 25th July)
  • Make Sunday Special (7th August tbc) - this will be held in the same area as last year, along the eastern half of North Street

Built Environment
We are delighted to have opened not one, but two 'pocket parks' in the area over the last couple of months. These were delivered with over £25k of grants won from the city council and central government.
We believe it's the experiences such as these that help people to enjoy a trip to Bedminster at little more, encourage them to stay longer, and of course sets us apart from the more innocuous shopping experiences in a mall or online.

Ebenezer Gate, North Street

Caraboo Square, East Street


We are also currently working on:

Bedminster Parade - the Metrobus is coming and we have managed to agree with the council a diversion of some funding to improve the public realm in this area. Work should start in the summer.

Heritage Lottery Funding - we are busy working with the council and UWE on a major application for over £1m of funding for improvements to shops in the conservation area (predominantly BedminsterParade and East Street).

RPS - those dreaded letters! It's still with us, and we are due the promised review by the council. North Street Traders met last week and agreed the following priorities for their area:

  1. North Street itself should be dedicated to P&D only and not mixed with RPS
  2. Perpendicular/contiguous roads to North Street should be 50% mixed P&D and RPS (Upton Road is of no use to the traders and could return to 100% residents). There should be no negative impact on residents as the streets are half empty of cars during the day.
  3. Free period - P&D is extended to an hour free (instead of half an hour) and the first half hour should be 'properly free' (ie the first hour and a half is £1)
  4. Saturday parking - should be limited to 2 hours (3 hours for the rest of the week is ok)
  5. Double yellow lines review - need more reintroduced (especially on junctions such as Lion Stores' - for safety and shopper convenience)
  6. Loading bay review - including a bay in front of Ashton Fruit and on eastern North Street (probably near Greville Street) 
  7. Consultation - one side of North Street was not consulted at all (as it forms the boundary), despite being seriously affected by the RPS. This side of North Street still extraordinarily cannot get permits.

About the BID and Town Team

The BID is the funding arm for Town Team activities, generated via a small levy on all eligible businesses in the area (equivalent to 1.5% of rateable value) and paid into a central 'kitty' in November each year, to be spent on projects that benefit Bedminster businesses. Our stated priorities are to:

  • Create vibrant streets that excite and delight
  • Market and promote Bedminster
  • Reduce crime and improve the shopping environment
  • Advocate and lobby for Bedminster business interests
  • Drive down costs.

Please get in touch if you have any ideas about what we should do. Or, if you wish to attend a board meeting or one of our specialist sub-groups in Marketing, Arts & Culture or Built Environment (ie transport, planning and street improvement), please see our calendar here and drop us a line.

Further Information
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We are grateful to local accountants Tyrrell Procter and communications experts Plaster for their generous pro bono contributions to our activities.