Hello All,

A quick note to say please keep a watchful eye out for your GREEN BID ballot paper which you can expect in the post this week - you have 4 weeks to make your vote count.

We have of course circulated the business plan in hard copy and via this newsletter, however if you have have not seen it please click this LINK.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or queries.  We do of course hope you can vote positively to help ensure the healthy future of Bedminster's retail, leisure and commercial streets and help us build on the achievements of the last five years.


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Bedminster BID funding is generated via a small levy on all eligible businesses in the area and paid into a central 'kitty' in November each year, to be spent on projects that benefit Bedminster businesses. Our stated priorities are to:

  • Create vibrant streets that excite and delight

  • Market and promote Bedminster

  • Reduce crime and improve the shopping environment

  • Advocate and lobby for Bedminster business interests

  • Drive down costs 

Please get in touch if you have any ideas about what we should do. Or, if you wish to attend a board meeting or one of our specialist sub-groups in Marketing, Arts & Culture or Built Environment (ie transport, planning and street improvement), please see our calendar here and drop us a line.

Finally we are grateful to local accountants Tyrrell Procter and communications experts Plaster for their generous pro bono contributions to the BID’s activities.