Best for brunch

THE WEEKEND'S BEST MEAL; hearty, tasty and the best thing is someone else makes it. 


Not everyone wants a big fry-up for their brunch (although there's nothing wrong with that) and the best thing about the Zazu's Kitchen menu is the choice. Waffles, granola and pancakes are all on sale and if you struggle to obey the alarm clock then don't worry - brunch is served here until 3pm.


The old ones are the best, or so the saying goes, and The Lounge has been serving restorative brunches for many years now. Plenty of options on the menu here, including some smaller bites if you don't feel like eating Olympic athlete-style portions. Served long into the afternoon.


Seats are often at a premium here, and with good reason. The smell of great coffee mingles with the scent of freshly-made pastries and bread to send your taste buds into a frenzy. Plenty of people walk in just intending to pick up a loaf of bread but end up staying.