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With spring just around the corner, it’s time for people in Bedminster to start planning out the planting season and how they’ll bring a little bit of green to the streets of BS3.

This year, why not plan with My Wild Bedminster? 

My Wild Bedminster is an initiative from the Avon Wildlife Trust that provides information and support for people to encourage wildlife in their gardens, local parks and green spaces and together with the BS3 Wildlife Group, aims to bring biodiversity back to Bedminster.

Bedminster represents one of the most housing dense areas of Bristol as well as one of the least bio-diverse areas in the city. With small gardens and a lot of retail space, it’s as important for residents and business owners alike to promote wildlife friendly spaces everywhere we can.

Here is how can you support My Wild Bedminster and make your gardens and green spaces more wildlife friendly!

1)      Plan to plant shrubs, bushes and flowers that offer pollen, berries and other foodstuffs to attract insects and birds

2)      Avoid harmful chemicals like pesticides and harsh fertilisers

3)      Offer ‘untidy’ spaces in your garden that can provide small creatures a place to hide

4)      Offer a drinking water source for birds and small animals such as a small ceramic pond or bowl

5)      Be in touch with the Avon Wildlife Trust and BS3 Wildlife Group for support and advice

Don’t forget to enter your new wild home garden in the 2019 Good Front Garden Awards!