Little Libraries

Ellie Freeman has worked with local residents to create little ‘libraries’ in some of the green spaces in BS3.

These Little Libraries are stocked with books for all ages and are a great way to encourage more visitors to the parks and inspire more people to read. The books even have bookmarks made by children who visited Bedminster library.

The idea emerged from the American charity Little Free Libraries and was developed with the support of Francesca Rolle, the South Bristol Community coordinator, Elise Fraser, the artist behind the Ashton Vale Hub, Luckwell Improvement Park (LIMP), the Friends of South Street Park and Ashton Vale Community Centre. The books were donated by local residents and Education Umbrella, one of the UK’s largest e-retailers of learning resources. 

The libraries were funded by Greater Bedminster Community Partnership’s Community Chest and built by Wayne Smith, whose business Wayney Edge is based at Bower Ashton.

Anyone can use them at any time. The idea is to take a book and bring a book – happy reading!