Lets Fight Pancreatic Cancer Together!


Ade Williams and his team over at Bedminster Pharmacy are working hard to fight pancreatic cancer this month…. and they want you to join the fight.

Ade is the National Pharmacy Ambassador for the charity, Pancreatic Cancer Action and the group has identified that early diagnosis is the only way to win the fight against the Fifth biggest cancer.

Pharmacies across the UK have been taking part in activities to help raise awareness of pancreatic cancer amongst their local communities, and many hold a ‘Turn it Purple’ event or day -as purple is the colour of pancreatic cancer awareness.

You can help by ordering your free Turn it Purple pack, or by just wearing anything purple you own.. it doesn’t have to be a wig like Ade’s!

You can also help to spread the word by snapping a purple selfie and using the hashtag #PancreaticCancerAwarenessMonth