East Street Tales

An outdoor photography exhibition documenting everyday life in East Street, Bedminster based photographer Ibolya Feher spent four years documenting the lives of local residents for this distinctive exhibition.  

Over the course of four years, Ibolya has documented the residents of this distinctive South Bristol neighbourhood, creating a unique archive of images that will be displayed on East Street and will be freely accessible for everybody.

Photographer Ibolya Feher explains:

 “My project is a celebration of life and the people behind the statistics. I am passionate about showing the wider community, the charm of the place and its characters. The work invites the audience to look beyond the usual stereotypes associated with Bedminster and promotes social acceptance and wellbeing, so I am very happy that the result of the last four years of work will be displayed in the area and more importantly that I’ll be able to share it with the local community and everyone that was involved with the project. I hope it will help to bring the community together and that it will beautify the area.”

“This exhibition has been funded via online crowd funding and I am ever so thankful to all of my funders, supporters and Bedminster BID who helped to make this happen.”

Simon Dicken, Chair of the Bedminster Town Team and BID says;

“This is a great project that has taken a number of years and hard work from Ibolya. The photos show the strong community sense there is on East Street. It’s a shopping street primarily but there are loads of well-known characters that make it a really cherished part of South Bristol and Bedminster in particular and we are happy to have helped make this happen for not only the residents but the whole city.”

Photographer and curator of the exhibition, Amak Mahmoodian explains:

 “Ibolya lives in the area and her work shows the reality and truth of people’s lives.  Her photos have power, they make you look, see and remember.”