Santa Needs Your Help!

Santas Mailbox.jpg

This Christmas we're looking for amazing volunteers to join our very special Elf Army, to help make the little one's of Bedminster's Christmas extra special.

This festive season you'll notice a series of Elfminster Postboxes around North St, East St, West St and Bedminster Parade. These very special postboxes are there for your little ones to post their letters to Santa.

However, we've received word from Lapland that Santa's Elves are too busy making toys and need a little help in delivering his replies to the children... so that's where you come in.

So we'd like all you kind Christmas-loving folk to get in touch with us and volunteer their time to hand-deliver Santa's replies to the kids of Bedminster. 

If you'd like to get involved or would like more information then please get in touch right away by emailing