Face of the High Street: Rob Rosewarne - Dear Old Thing

Dear Old Thing is a hidden gem on West Street, with six rooms filled with trinkets and antique furniture, owned and operated by Rob Rosewarne. 

Twenty years ago Rob left behind the world of electronic security and decided to pursue a career in antiques. Specialising in Chinese antiques for years, Rob has travelled to China over 50 times, sourcing and importing furniture to sell, before moving on to specialise in UK furniture in the last seven years. 

Rob opened his first shop on West Street five years ago following a weekly trip to Mezzaluna for his Sunday dinner. He noticed that the shop opposite was vacant and available to rent and this was the start of Dear Old Thing, as we know and love today. 

Having always lived locally, Rob loves Bedminster for the colourfulness, convenience and friendly atmosphere that surrounds the area. He talks about the regular customers that he has grown to know and recounts the funny stories with a smile on his face. 

With something different in the shop everyday, there are so many stories to accompany each individual piece and about the creative team he works alongside, including the projects that see the transformation of a drum kit into clock faces. 

Having pursued his passion in the form of antique furniture, Rob talks about how enjoys the interactive side of customer service and enjoys meeting a wide array of people from the community. 

You can visit Dear Old Thing at 107 West Street, Monday - Saturday between 10am - 5:30pm or Sunday 10am - 4pm or visit their website: http://www.dearoldthing.co.uk/.

Follow them on twitter, instagram and facebook at: @dearoldthing