The Face of the High Street

Nick Cox, owner of the Aquatic Store on North Street

Nick Cox, owner of the Aquatic Store on North Street

Throughout 2019 we’re going to be taking a closer look at the marvellous people behind the shops, cafes, bars and restaurants of BS3... we call it The Face of the High Street.

Each week we’ll be bringing you the story of one amazing BS3 business and the person, or people, behind it. So... let’s meet Nick Cox,

Nick is the owner of The Aquatic Store on North Street...  a wonderful business that has been serving the community for 10 years and is one of the best aquatic pet stores in the entire country.

It truly is one of the best in the country, this year alone it was named as one of the Top 40 Aquatic Shops in the UK, as well as being named Runner Up in the South West Retailer of the Year at in the Practical Fishkeeping Readers Poll.

This isn’t a new thing; they’ve picked up a whole host of awards over the past few years, consistently being named as one of the best shops in the country... pop in and see for yourself!

It isn’t just the locals who love Nick’s knowledge and expertise; people travel from as far afield as Manchester and Cornwall to buy from Nick, he’s that good! Nick stocks a staggering 5,000 species of fish & his favourite is the Malawi Cichlid, an incredibly colourful and interactive fish.

A Horfield local, Nick actually used to be a chef but he hung up his whites five years ago to pursue his passion for fish. After two years working at the store, he bought the business from the existing owner.

Nick is hugely passionate about conservation and takes his work very seriously.  He has now completely removed all plastic bags from his business; Nick has worked out that in the past seven months alone he has stopped a staggering 4,200 plastic bags from being used.

You just need to visit the store to see that Nick truly cares about these animals, they’re impeccably looked after, and for this reason The Aquatic Store has a 5* rating for its standard of care.

If you want to find our more info about The Aquatic Store, pop on down to the shop on North Street for a chat with Nick. Or you can find them here: and be sure to visit their Facebook page: