Face of the High Street: Ange- Grenville Wick


Ange Packer is Bedminster born and bred and has seen the area change from factories to foodies over the years, from the Bedminster of yesterday to what we all know so well today.

Grenville Wick is the place you go to spread joy, happy wishes, deepest sympathies or to just send a quick hello to family and friends who are maybe right next door or across the globe. Cards and small gifts fill the walls and shelves, all destined to go to someone who Ange’s guests are thinking about.

The shop opened 13 years ago and as email and social media have taken over, Grenville Wick has cracked on, connecting people and sharing in life’s milestones.

Ange talks about Bedminster with pride and even tells a story of the time that she almost moved away but thanks to for North Street, the birds on her walk to work and the neighbouring businesses she’s still here!

The shop has evolved over the years, now carrying lovely books about Bristol and a line of organic skin and hair care products. Ange speaks of how retail has changed and how the shop must change with it, providing a space for community and a place where local artists can have their work on display. Stop in and have a chat, Ange is always ready, ask about her favourite line of cards and hear that famous Bedminster ‘love’ roll right off her tongue.