Face of the high street: Darren - Compuwave Computers

Having run a business in Bedminster for the last 15 years, Darren from Compuwave Computers knows something about the community that we have all grown to love.

Opening his first stop on Raleigh Road 15 years ago, Compuwave has occupied some of our favourite North Street spots throughout the years, and they are now firmly settled in the heart of the street.  

Darren moved to Bedminster 20 years ago and immediately had the desire to leave his job at IBM to work at pursuing his dream of owning his own business. Compuwave started out as a small back-room home business, but Darren soon invested in his first shop on Raleigh Road, before he chose to relocate to North Street and join the ever-growing group of independent shops that he saw to be thriving.

Compuwave is a computer sales and repairs shop that is filled with bundles of gadgets, screens and a couple of tech-loving employees.  From the moment you enter, expect to be greeted with friendly sarcasm and a playful pair. They continue to build solid relationships with their new and returning customers and laugh about their ‘celebrity’ customers that come in from time to time. Continually praising the sense of community that keeps the street successful and a place they can call ‘home’, Darren has watched as both his business and North Street have flourished into a hub of life, community and activity.

Originally from Exeter, Darren fell in love with Bristol because of the pace of life, variety and diversity and chose to stay once he and his children became firmly settled in what he describes as ‘the Bristol life’. It was the perfect place to build a business, surrounded by traders on the street that have now become close friends.

In 2018, Compuwave was voted in the ‘Top 3 Computer shops in Bristol’ – something they are extremely proud of achieving, having started as a small back-room business.  His shop has grown into something Darren, his family and his friends are all extremely proud of and he hopes to continue to provide his service to the community for many more years to come.