FACE OF THE HIGH STREET: Claire Dadswell - Glass Designs

Glass Designs was established on North Street 16 years ago and true to the name Claire Dadswell is creating 20 custom stained glass mirrors ready to as we walk in.

Having always had a creative streak, Claire moved from London to Bristol and immediately began working and training at a glass shop in the city centre. Falling in love with the precision and skill, it only made sense for her to purchase ‘Glass Designs’ when the opportunity arose eight years ago.

 Bedminster has been Claire’s home for many years and having the chance to combine her passion for stained glass and work within the heart of the community made perfect sense.

Before purchasing Glass Designs, she based herself locally in two studios on North Street so the area has always felt like home to her and the sense of community on the street continues to make it an enjoyable place to work.

Glass Designs also works with a number of local artists who fill the shop with lots of unique pieces. Claire explains that since taking over the shop 8 years ago, she has been able to expand the capacity for other independent artists to get involved and enjoys being able to work alongside other members of the community.

Claire studied Fine Art Painting at UCA Farnham so has always had a creative side and loves nothing more than being able to “design, colour and create”.

Having always been very involved in the area, she talks about how the community has a really lovely vibe and everyone on the street is really helpful.  Claire is one of the area’s biggest team players and continues to feel like she can be connected to all areas of Bedminster through the ongoing community effort.

Glass Designs can be found at 261 North Street and is open all week between 10-6, apart from Sunday when they’re open 11-3. You can find more information here: http://www.dadswellglass.co.uk/