The Essence of Bedminster

Bedminster shines in new film by Colin Moody

The essence of Bedminster, through its people and places has been beautifully captured in a new film made by Bristol-based artist, Colin Moody

The short video is an ode to the beautifully unique and colourful neighbourhood south of the river with cameo appearances by some of BS3’s most cherished and loved residents and business owners.

Cheerful and inviting, Moody welcomes viewers directly into the community that spans North, East and West Street with glimpses into favourite businesses like West Street’s Mezzaluna, East Street Fruit Market and Lion Stores on North Street as well as close ups of the familiar faces that make the community such a vibrant place to work, rest and play; inviting viewers to come and enjoy the Bedminster experience for themselves.

“I wanted the video to capture the feeling of walking through Bedminster,” said Moody, “the beautiful art, quirky characters and locally run businesses that make it such a fun place to be, any day of the week.

“Bedminster has many layers that all feed off of each other, making it an unbelievable place to spend time, I wanted to capture them all and the joy that they bring to everyone in the area.”

Simon Dicken, Bedminster BID chair said: “We’re proud of the people and businesses that make Bedminster such an amazingly unique place for many people to call home; as well as to work in and visit.

Colin has captured the spirit of the community perfectly in this film.

“We’re a hard working group of business owners, artists, families and long-time residents who have committed to grow Bedminster into what it is today. We hope that this video will entice people from all over the city, and further afield, to come and experience Bedminster’s truly unique and amazing vibe.”