Face of the High Street: James - JamesB Hair


James believes in sustainability, creating a community and that hair and beauty should be a service for yourself and not for others. His brand new salon at the top East Street combines all of those things into a beautifully designed haven of self care.

James first opened JamesB Hair on West Street in March 2017 after several years of renting a chair in various salons in Bedminster. Since then, his team has grown to 5 stylists and he’s hoping to add a sixth as early as next week as they grow and expand into their new space on East Street that will soon be your one-stop shop for beauty and wellness.

When asked what his favourite part of Bedminster was he simply said: “Bedminster is Bristol.” He’ll always send friends who are visiting to Bedminster to give them a real idea of the city, its people and its community spirit.

JamesB Hair is a sustainable salon. The products they use are vegan and cruelty-free, the shower hoses use 60% less water than conventional salon hoses and every piece of equipment was bought second hand. James is working closely with his suppliers to find methods to up-cycle things like the foil used for highlights and the hair that is swept off the floor each day is used by his partner in their garden at home, an excellent and natural pest deterrent he says. The salon recycles everything that it can and only throws out one bag of rubbish per month!

James has big plans for the future, including adding a ‘hair lab’ that will tackle issues such as hair loss, scalp issues and other challenges people are faced with. All services that James and his team provide exist to help people feel better about themselves and lead to a better quality of life.

Come in and meet the team at JamesB Hair, sit around the table while your hair is being coloured and chat with other clients and get your hair washed in the amazing room where sounds and lights take your through an immersive and relaxing experience. The salon is open Tuesday-Saturday 10.00am-6.00pm.