Bedminster BID RENEWAL

the results of the bid ballot showed approximately 70% of businesses (excluding asda) voted for the bid to be renewed. unfortunately asda's very large rateable value meant overall the ballot was lost and will not be renewed in spring 2018. the bid is considering its options for the future with a likely second ballot in late summer this year. please contact us for further information.


The BID Proposal and Business Plan will be updated to reflect the latest consultation and feedback from businesses. Please click on our current version adjacent or feel free to contact us by emailing or telephone 0780 1790645.
Thank you. 


A BID is a business-led partnership that improves trading conditions in a high street or town centre, in a similar way that a centre manager does in modern malls. BIDs vary in size but typically comprise a few hundred businesses, clubbing together and backing a business plan that sets out a range of activities that are funded by a BID levy.

Since 2013 we have been working closely with local businesses to further develop the economic viability of Bedminster. Since then we have helped bring about numerous projects and events selected by local businesses, for the benefit of local businesses. The benefits of the BID are wide-ranging and include; improved area marketing and promotion, networking opportunities, business cost reduction, influence transport and planning, etc.


Created 5 years ago with the purpose of ensuring a prosperous future for Bedminster’s high streets, the BID champions the area, its businesses and residents. We want to continue to cultivate the prosperity and vibrancy of BS3 under the growing pressures of online retail.


Annual Reports

For details of recent past and proposed projects please see our annual reports: