What is the Greater Bedminster Community Partnership?

- a voice for everyone living and working in Greater Bedminster

- a forum where the community can meet with all 4 ward Councillors and

participate in decision-making which affects their lives

- a network of organisations working together for the common good in Greater Bedminster

- a link for the community and our partners with the Council, the police and other key organisations (e.g. the BID)

- a source of information and news relating to Greater Bedminster

- a lead on projects involving any number of our partners

Who are we?

Our quarterly meetings are held in public - anybody who lives or works in Greater Bedminster is welcome to come along and contribute.  We do have a Board, elected at our annual AGM by our partner organisations (over 100 big and small local organisations - community and street groups, parks groups, schools, Churches and traders’ groups).  The four Southville and Bedminster Councillors sit on the Board, and only Board members can vote on the major decisions such as spending Council or other funds - but our partnership network ensures that consultation is open to all local people.


Our recent achievements include:

⁃The establishment of the Bedminster Improvement District with an initial £100,000 of funding followed by £85,00 per annum to be spent on our retail streets

⁃£40,000+ of Green Capital funding for ‘Let’s Walk Bedminster’, designed to support community groups improving and developing their local walking routes

⁃ Democratic decision-making within the community re the spending of Bristol City Council, S106 and Community Infrastructure Levy money: resulting in major improvements to pavements and road safety, and our parks and green spaces - but also supporting local groups in their improvement plans from installing noticeboards to planting on our streets,

Current projects & activities:

⁃- Let’s Walk Bedminster 2:  We’re working with Bristol City Council, Bristol Waste and the local Police to deal with obstructions on our pavements so that people with impaired mobility, in wheelchairs or pushing baby buggies can walk freely:  this means rubbish bins, fly-tipping and cars need to be moved off pavements.

⁃- Accessibility in our retail streets:  We’ve collaborated with the Bedminster Business Improvement District to conduct a survey assessing problems ranging from narrow doors and/or steps into shops, lack of dropped kerbs, and obstructions on the pavements.  The aim will be to take action to remedy many of the problems identified.

⁃- We’ve just worked with Avon and Somerset Police to award £5000 of funding to three local projects:  Bedminster Winter Lanterns, the Deanery youth cafe and Ashton Vale Club for Younger People

⁃- We’ve achieved sponsorship from South Bristol Voice to run a Wildlife Photography project as part ‘My Wild Bedminster’ , a collaboration with Avon Wildlife Trust.